Who We Are


We are Jory Lange and Candess Zona-Mendola – two people with a passion for food and helping to make food safe. This is why we have a food safety firm – to help families who have been harmed by severe food poisoning. We are deeply committed to what we do. This is why food and water cases are all we do. No one should end up in the hospital because of the food they ate. But this happens all too often.

Over the years, as we’ve helped families across the United States, we’ve gotten lots of questions about Salmonella:

What is Salmonella?
Why is Salmonella a concern?
How can I keep my family safe?
Are there complications of Salmonella illnesses?

There are so many others.

We asked ourselves, how could we give people answers to their questions in a way that is understandable? How can we make the science of Salmonella simple and easy to access?

That’s how Salmonella.com was born.

A Resource for Anything You Ever Wanted (or Needed) to Know About Salmonella

We saw a need. There are no websites dedicated to everything that is Salmonella. We wanted to fill that void and give you a resource that is a one-stop-shop on Salmonella. To give you the information when you need it in a way that is doesn’t require you to have a PhD.